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Umbrella Contents



Bryce Canyon  by Chris O’Carroll
Biology Class  by Martin Elster
A Council of Frogs  by David Manning*
What Binds the Slime Mold Cells  by Robin Chapman*
Eclipse  by Penelope Scambly Schott*
Changing Viewpoints  by Chris West*
A Truth Beyond All Truths  by Chris West*
Acrostic: String Theory  by Paul Fisher
String Thing  by Leland James*
Like Picasso, Who Never Had to Pay for Anything  by Eric Halliwell*
Divisible World  by Allison Smythe*
Sonnet to Modern Science  by Rick Mullin


Grammar Blues  by Lylanne Musselman*
Ms. Finicky’s Grammar Lessons  by Lois Marie Harrod*
Say  by William Aarnes*
The School Sentence  by Leland James*


History Lesson  by Ben Debus*
Kayaking  by Steve Meador
To Horace  by Joseph Murphy*
The Real History of the Caves of Lascaux  by Donna Vorreyer*
CliffsNotes on The Origin of the Species  by W. F. Lantry
Saint Padarn  by Murray Alfredson
At The Bronze Age Cathedral  by John Thomas Clark*
Three Poems of the Civil War  by S. Thomas Summers


Möbius  by W. F. Lantry
Inventing Zero  by Margaret Fieland*
The Way It Should Have Been  by Margaret Fieland*
Hag Math  by Joanne Lowery*
Thirty/Sixty  by David Rosenthal*
Homer Holds Down a Job in the Bureau of Blind Statistics  by Lois Marie Harrod*
Word Problems  by Carolee Sherwood*


* First appearance in Umbrella