A Poetry Syllabus
{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Paul Fisher’s

manuscript, Rumors of Shore, won the Blue Light Press Book Award and will be published in the Fall of 2009.

Recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Cave Wall, Centrifugal Eye, and Kakalak 2009 Anthology of Carolina Poets.

A Pacific Northwest expatriate, Paul is the recipient of an Individual Artists Fellowship in Poetry from the Oregon Arts Commission. He lives with his wife Linda in Nags Head, North Carolina where he teaches poetry to a dog and two cats.

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Acrostic: String Theory

Simple as it seems, it can’t be proven or dismissed.
Theories wax and wane like urban myths while we
repeat the same mistakes. You and I, let’s say, fall
in and out of love again with memories and mist.
Not that we dispute the latest craze, a minor
genesis of miracles, big bangs and megabucks.

Total faith may leap while none-of-same falls flat, but
having neither, I stand unsure which foot to put before the other.
Either way, I’ll find conundrums facing me
or chasing someone else. Dishes, dogs, talking heads, all
reverberate like violins. And the drone of the stars?
Yesterday’s echo, a cry slow to fade from the brazen bull’s throat.