Umbrella Poetry
Umbrella Prose

Issue 2, Spring 2007


Light Verse

Rush Hour Sonondilla  by Catherine Chandler
Diva  by Julie Kane
Love at AOL  by Larry Gaffney
Audubon’s Shame  by Michael Waterson
Two Found Poems from Conquer Your Debt  by Pete Lee
Tomboy  by Catherine Chandler
Tulip with ’Tude  by Christi Krug
Lexanoia on the Roads  by Henry Quince
Bacteria  by Larry Gaffney
To the Editor  by Pete Lee
Unplanned Obsolescence  by Julie Kane

Double Dactyls

Hodgepodge  by Jan D. Hodge
Other Side of the Coin  by Mary E. Moore
Jack and the Beanstalk  by Jan D. Hodge
Sigmund Says  by Mary E. Moore
The Tortoise and the Hare  by Jan D. Hodge
Double Dactyl Mingle-Mangle  by various authors

Children’s Verse

Doby Mick: The White Snail  by J. Patrick Lewis
Zyzzyva  by Catherine Chandler
Mammalian Marginalia  by Gail White
The Difference Between a Duck  by Henry Quince
Crittericks  by The Purdy Family
Animal RIP’s  by J. Patrick Lewis
More Animal RIP’s  by J. Patrick Lewis
Yet More Animal RIP’s  by J. Patrick Lewis

Cat Tale

Feed Me  by Queenie