Umbrella’s lighter offshoot


Tulip with ’Tude

by Christi Krug

Man, its cold here underground.
I’m breaking out. Can't wait around.
Done with the dirt and dark. No lies:
It's time to photosynthesize.

I’m screaming tangerine and peach,
Matchstick orange and day-at-the-beach
Yellow. Violet. Tail-light red.
Don't leave me stuck in this here bed!

Feel like a poppin watermelon.
Want to do some kiss-and-tellin’.

Working on vacation plans
In bikini lands, with Kool-Aid stands.
All these sleeping frozen things—
This place is dead!
Need me some wings!
Leastways, a jelly jar or a vase
Look, I’ll make this a hap’nin’ place.
Surprise your tired winter face,

Christi Krug
 was first published in her teens, is a frequent contributor to Writer’s Digest, and has had nearly 100 articles, poems and short stories published in national magazines. She has taught hundreds of writers, ages six through ninety-six, and serves as a writing coach in Vancouver, Washington, where she grows tulips stubborn enough to defy the weeds.  Website