{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Lew Watts

is originally from Wales and moved recently to Washington D.C. where he is an energy consultant.

His work has appeared in various European journals and in forthcoming U.S. editions of Decanto, New Mexico Poetry Review, Modern Haiku, Ribbons and The Raintown Review.



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360 Degree Appraisal

Thank you for the candid feedback.
I have read the reports.
They have told me:

People are our greatest assets;
Assets should be milked and sweated;
We are all empowered to be accountable for failure;
Single point accountability should be embraced by the whole team;
Long-term is as long as a severance letter;
Positioning is a dance of posture;
Leverage is the silent act of monetary persuasion;
Budgets are warfare on the lost turf of profit;
The world is an oyster soaked in vinegar;
Quality staff-work needs a shepherd;
The quality of mercy is strained;
Chatham House Rules apply only in Chatham;
The coffee machine is a place for loners;
Strategy is numbers put into words
Tactics are any unexplained actions;
Remedial action is the antidote for tactics
                         and is performed by scapegoats;
Weekends are times for quiet reflection from a small screen;
The work-life balance sheet is reconciled only in death;
The day is 12 hours long and can be relived in night sweats;

Night is a moving cusp of shadow one hour ahead  
                         of airport lounges;
A Business Plan is merely a margin of error;
Advocacy is making your point without question;
Enquiry is a cynical route towards making your point;
Two-way dialogue is the burst of emotion between entry and exit;
Risk management is the art of passing the buck;
The buck stops at the weakest link;
Bottom line focus plumbs the depths of today;
Tomorrow is the time for reconsideration and retribution;
There is no intrinsic beauty anywhere;
therefore, there is no God.

Take action.