Umbrella Poetry
Umbrella Prose

Summer 2007


Light Verse

An Irish Chicken Avoids Her Death  by Robert Schechter
A Personal Account  by Maryann Corbett
Aging Surfer  by Antonia Clark
Play Fellows  by Susan McLean
To the Porn Spammers  by Maryann Corbett
What Do Lemmings Want?  by Antonia Clark
The Lawyers’ Dance  by Taylor Graham
La Chanson Des Baguettes  by Antonia Clark
Quatrains for the Writing Life  by J. Patrick Lewis
Honest Sonnet  by Robert Schechter

Classic Jokes Rhymed

A Hard Confession  by Jim Hayes
Gatekeepers  by David G. Anthony
Two Southern Belles  by Gail White
The Giving of Tongues  by Jim Hayes
Fair is Fowl  by Robert Schechter
Anniversary  by Jan D. Hodge
Practical Religion  by Carol A. Taylor
Mixed Blessing  by Jan D. Hodge
Hillbillies  by Jim Hayes
Sunday Devotion  by Robert Schechter
Situation Vacant  by David G. Anthony
Anticipation  by Carol A. Taylor
A Serious Ailment  by Jim Hayes
Pink Toy  by kbb

Children’s Verse

Purple Finches  by James F. Gaines
Questions About Bats  by Taylor Graham
Dromedaryick  by Michael R. Burch
Advice to a Younger Brother  by Cat Dubie

Good Catterel

Molly Explains It All For You  by Mollycat Jones
Playful  by Michael Lee Johnson
Orange Hunger  by James F. Gaines