Umbrella Contents

Issue 4, Summer 2008


Bumbershoot is Back: Editor’s Preface

Orsorum Light

Shopping Online  by Thomas Rodes
Love in the Time of Viagra  by Rick Mulliin
The Lyric “I”  by Clay Stockton
Artistic Licenses  by Sally Cook
Fart of Larkness  by Norman Ball
Greek, to Me  by Noam D. Plum
Questions for the Day  by James Gonda
My Denture  by Thomas Rodes
A Canticle for the Freckled  by Marianne Zarzana
Cable News Crawls on the Seven Deadlies  by Carolyn Moore
Net Poets  by C. E. Chaffin

Fractured Verse

Fractured Arnold
Fractured Auden
Fractured Blake
Fractured Bishop
Fractured Brownings
Fractured Dickinson
Fractured Donne
Fractured Eliot
Fractured Frost
Fractured Homer
Fractuerd Hopkins
Fractured Keats
Fractured Kipling
Fractured Marvell
Fractured Millay
Fractured Plath
Fractured Shakespeare
Fractured Stevens
Fractured Tennyson
Fractured Whitman
Fractured Williams
Fractured Wordsworth
Fractured Yeats

Seriously Funny

The Sugar Man  by Michael Cantor
On the Death by Drowning . . .  by Gail White
Nebraska Morning  by Rick Marlatt
Another Round with Loneliness  by Sarah Elizabeth Colona
Happy Alcoholic  by C. E. Chaffin
Another Woman’s Garden  by Enriqueta Carrington
Role Reversal  by Ellaraine Lockie
What’s the Weirdest Place You Ever Did It?  by Chris O’Carroll
What do you have to show for yourself?  by Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo
Environmental Progress  by LaDonna English
Private Box  by Chris Bullard
Puer Aeternus  by John Milbury-Steen
Proposal for Optimal Reconfiguration  by Thomas Rodes
On opening a door while it snows like a motherfucker  by Julie Carter
Once the work is done  by Emrys Westacott

The Sentient Creature Feature

Mollycat’s Nocturne  by Mollycat Jones
Memo F11  by Kenny Bien
Advice Feline-ious  by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
It’s a Moo Point  by Antonia Clark
The Chickenrun  by T. S. Pullet and Paul Stevens
The Spa Raccoon  by Barbara Lydecker Crane
The Body of a Dead Spider  by Laura McCullough
Scala Naturæ  by Greg Scott Brown
I Know He’ll Be Back, But . . .  by Martin Elster
As I Listen to the Rain  by Martin Elster
Briefly at Midnight  by David Graham