Sentient Creatures
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Martin Elster

is the author of There’s a Dog in the Heavens! (A Universe of Canine Verse).

He is also a composer and serves as percussionist for the Hartford Symphony Orchestra and the Connecticut Opera Orchestra.

Mr. Elster judged the 2004 and 2005 Annual Yankee Dog Haiku Contests (Bowser Publications). His poems appear regularly in Yankee Dog and Pennons of Pegasus (Meriden Record-Journal).

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As I Listen to the Rain

It’s quiet now as snowflake wings.
Cold lizard tears drum down and beat
Upon the land with pops and pings

As traffic sloshes down the street.
My paws made punctures in the snow
Not long ago. Now, on his sheet

Upon his bed, still as a throw,
I loll and listen to the weather,
Which sounds as foul as—I don’t know—

As foul as wolfing down a feather.
My master’s putting on his shoes
And overcoat. He’s on a tether:

He calls it “work.” And soon he’ll cruise
Along the slushy avenues,
While on the comforter I snooze.