Sentient Creatures
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Kenny Bien,

stepbrother of Annie Bien, is a recluse and a meditator.

He writes on the computer with his right rear foot and enjoys sitting on the mouse for inspiration and not for ingestion.


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Memo F11

I can make your writing go away



I can make it return
I can make the sound disappear
I can sit on your mouse or pad
I can psych you out
I can sit across your laptop cord
I can stare at your fingers
I can stare your face
I can show you how the numbers lock
I can make you look at my behind
I can show you all the shortcut keys
If you don't feed me right now,
I can make the screen go black. F1

Warmest regards,

Kenny Bien
CEO, Ginger Tom Division, Domestic Shorthairs Ltd.

Dictated but not read.


Bonus Haiku: Contemplative Life

lengthened on couch back
afternoon spring sun ray slants
paw slung between dreams