Fractured Verse
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Emily Dickinson

A Light Exists in Spring  A parody by Sally Cook

This way of light is new
And is not cheap at all—
Its form is of the Corkscrew Sort
And glows upon each wall

Shining in Icy Blue
Upon the Printed Page—
Sometimes I cannot read at all
And glower here in rage.

These cost the Earth, but I
Must place them Everywhere—
Within my parlor on the wall
Above my Secret Stair . . .

Our Carpet holds the Shards
Of bulbs I dropped in haste—
Authority must now be called
To clean the Blighted Waste!

I must not count the cost
For Business shall be done—
I’ll save the Earth but lose my cash;
I am a Virtuous One.


Success is counted sweetest As fractured by Chris O’Carroll

If you’re a loser, you know well
How yummy victory can smell.
Those winners haven’t got a clue
Compared to schlubs like me and you.


Age unto itself A parody by Michael Reed Samford

Age unto its self
Is like a cat to a bird—
belly low to the ground—
Without a jingle heard.

Surprise found in my eyes
Is the same for all men—
Same look in the eyes of the bird
That the cat drags in.