Fractured Verse
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Wallace Stevens

Sunday Morning As fractured by Gregory Dowling

Is going to church then our duty
when death is the mother of beauty?
        No, better by far
        lounge in a peignoir
with comforts both sunny and fruity.


Funday Morning As fractured by Julie Kane

A lady skips church on a Sunday,
deciding she’ll just have a fun day.
        Good riddance, Almighty!
        She loafs in her nightie.
Some pigeons swoop low. Then it’s Monday.


The Emperor of Ice Cream’s New Clothes As fractured by Julie Kane

One has to look up half the words:
“ice cream” is “concupiscent curds.”
        A dead lady’s feet
        stick out from a sheet.
Cigar smoke wafts up to the birds.


Anecdote of a Litterbug As fractured by Julie Kane

Surrounded by Tennessee’s beauty,
I did something rather pollute-y.
        I placed, on a mound,
        a jar gray and round.
The litter police were off duty.