Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Sally Cook

is both painter and poet. Whether writing or painting, she keeps a sharp eye out for the psychological portrait.

Her essays and poetry have been published in journals such as The Chimera, Chronicles, Iambs & Trochees, Pivot, and The University Bookman.

Cook was Featured Poet in the fall 2007 issue of The Raintown Review; that year she also won third prize in the Best American Poetry Challenge II as well as numerous prizes in The World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets Contest.

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Artistic Licenses

The nude on the staircase
Of one Marcel DuChamp
Was stuck on the staircase
Quite strangely, it’s true.
Did Marcel need glasses
When viewing the lasses,
Or was he just joking
With me and with you?

Famous for women was
Willem De Kooning, who
Plastered his canvas
With ladies of note.
At least that is what they
Would have you believe—hey,
Art critics are famous
For getting your goat.

Picasso, Picasso
Had dozens of women
And took his revenge
Every time he’d abstract.
He gave them three noses,
Impossible poses;
And smiled while he painted
And that is a fact.