Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Noam D. Plum

has contributed to several publications, most frequently Light Quarterly.

Having earned $500 for a poem in The Country Mouse, he is a much more successful breadwinner than the poet for whom he fronts.

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Greek, to Me “The weekend ... is, in Plato’s words, a time to take a breather.”
—Witold Rybczynski, Waiting for the Weekend

In Plato’s measured words: “I need a breather.”
     Diogenes said, “Status ain’t my bag.”
“No way, guy!” Thales carped. “You didn’t either.”
     Quoth Pindar, “War is like a total drag.”

“It’s bogus not to clobber the bejeezes
     Out of those wankers when their troop attacks.”
This famous speech of Alcibiades’s
     His soldiers answered, “Yeah, man! To the max!”

Young Sophocles thought Aeschylus was “keen-o.”
     The Stoics, demonstrating their respect,
Would greet their leader, “How’s it hangin’, Zeno?
     You’re one rad dude!”—or words to that effect.