Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

C. E. Chaffin

has been referred to as “a web phenomenon” (Savoy) and “the famous Dr. Chaffin” (Pink Puddin’ Review), as well as being listed with other celebrities at the site, “Famous People Who Have Experienced Manic-Depression.”

His faux fame can me sampled at his home page or his blog. Shoe size: same as mouth.

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Net Poets

We are the cyberwannabes,
unworthy of the pulp of trees.

We are a prickly, jealous lot
because our poems are there, then not

(though some keep archives to appease
our fear of short-term cyberlease).

With just one ill-advised command
we disappear from cyberland.

And though a properly kept disk
outlasts an Egyptian obelisk,

it’s cellulose finality
that proffers immortality

since paper, pleasurably tactile,
makes cyberliterature seem fractal—

as if a tree’s mute sacrifice
exceeds an Aztec virgin’s price

since pulp allows real publication—
not merely cyberhabitation.