Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Thomas Rodes

is a semi-retired and fully burnt-out information management consultant who spends the cold months in the Washington, D.C. suburbs and summers and falls at his farm in rural Maine. In addition to Umbrella, recent works have appeared in The Panhandler, the American Organist and The Shit Creek Review.

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Proposal for Optimal Reconfiguration

She more than fills his mandatory specs
and offers features meeting or exceeding
his requirements. Are there bottlenecks?
Perhaps she lacks the bandwidth for proceeding
to a multi-platform. He’ll be tactful
when he leverages their dinner date
to carefully unveil his bold impactful
plan proposing that they integrate
their lives. While highly customizable,
he’ll note, his flexible design allows
the user to recoup some sizable
efficiencies by implementing vows.
And once she’s checked off functionality,
they’ll beta-test compatibility.