Seriously Funny
{A Bumbershoot Special Feature}

Chris O’Carroll

is a writer, actor, and comedian.

You can read his poems in The Barefoot Muse, The Chimaera, 14 by 14, Measure, and other print and online journals.

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What’s the Weirdest Place You Ever Did It?

Our kids are cool as sitcom banter makes
punch lines of blush & giggle memories.
But Mom & Dad, eeew! Heyday in the blood
is spose to be all tame & stuff with us.
We eye each other, then in unison:
“Wyoming campground, picnic tabletop.”
The hooting laugh track echoes our delight
at their dismay. I feel the western moon
spread opal ointment on your skin and mine.
“Neither of you guys was conceived that night,”
I add. They roll their eyes and cringe some more.
You shush me. They’re appalled enough, and we
        can recollect yet wilder stages where
        we’ve acted other moonlit comedies.