Umbrella Contents

Issue 5, Summer 2009


Bumbershoot 2009: Editor’s Preface

Words Inside of Words by Richard Wilbur

Words Inside of Words (Part the First)  
Words Inside of Words (Part the Second)  
Words Inside of Words (Part the Third)  
About the Author  

Orsorum Light

Truck Nuts  by Chris O’Carroll
Country-Western Triolet  by Ginny Kaczmarek
Naked by Refrigerator Light  by Peter Swanson
Picky Pig  by C.B. Anderson
Will Work for Ants  by Carol Lynn Grellas
Chlorine and the Noble Gases  by John Milbury-Steen
Lab Note  by Mary Cresswell
The Man Who Lost His Screen Name  by Michael Cantor
Forecast  by Esther Greenleaf Mürer
About the Author  by Karen Greenbaum-Maya
Being Left-handed  by Jim Gramann
Heartbreak Haircut  by Ricky Garni

RiddlesCurated by Robert Schechter

Five Riddles  by Catherine Tufariello
Two Riddles from the Exeter Book  by Maryann Corbett
Evidence  by A. E. Stallings
Oh, What a Scrambled Web We Weave!  by Edmund Conti
Seven Riddles  by Rhina P. Espaillat
An Exclamation  by Jan D. Hodge
Four Riddles  by Diana Murray
Brain Teaser  by Antonia Clark
Not a Mop  by Adrian Croft
Dicotyledones Riddle  by Juleigh Howard-Hobson
Four Riddles  by Max Gutmann
Elusive I  by Terese Coe
Six Riddles  by J. Patrick Lewis

Seriously Funny

Fat Sally’s Bottom Line  by Susan McLean
Exit Strategy  by Jennifer Bullis
Book Wars at Canterbury’s Book Shop  by Robin Chapman
Sermon  by John Byrne
He’s Good-Bad, But He’s Not Evil  by David W. Landrum
Déjà Blue  by Melissa Balmain
Placebo Effect  by Jennifer Bullis
A Weighty Problem  by Sherry Chandler
Famulus  by Luisa Villani
Not Venting but Bitching  by Terese Coe


When I Weighed Two-and-Twenty  by Peggy Landsman
The Iterative Short Stop  by Lance Levens
Anecdote of a Green Toilet  by Ginny Kaczmarek
The Unborn  by Cristin O’Keefe Aptowicz
Panto  by Esther Greenleaf Mürer

Children’s Verse

Black Velveteen  by John Whitworth
The Horse Who Said Moo  by Robert Schechter
A Boy’s Dream  by Gilda A. Herrera
I’m Igserious  by Robert Schechter
Bushy Tales  by Paul Stevens

The Sentient Creature Feature

Not Glad You Asked and Hobo’s Reply  by David Berman & Gail White
Three Poems  by Scout (with Naomi Benaron)
Star-Nose  by Antonia Clark
Escape of a Guinea Pig  by Buttercup with Cindy Breedlove
In Heat  by Christina Manweller
On Dogs  by Mollycat Jones
A Poodle Ain’t No Dog  by Jim Gramann
True Colors  by Antonia Clark
Animated Shorts  by Edmund Conti
The Cat that Was Raised by Coons (A True Story)  by Amy Gray Light
Oral History  by Marian Veverka
Ode to a Creature Seemingly Incapable of Good  by Esther Greenleaf Mürer
A Kitten Soft and Gray  by Juleigh Howard-Hobson