Umbrella’s lighter offshoot

Ginny Kaczmarek

holds an MFA in poetry from the University of New Orleans and serves as poetry editor of Literary Mama.

Her poetry and criticism appear or are forthcoming in Women’s Review of Books, The Oxford American, Measure, and  Melusine, among other journals. 

She blogs from New Orleans at Ginny’sTonic when she isn’t playing pirates with her husband and son.

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Anecdote of the Green Toilet Apologies to Wallace Stevens

I saw a toilet on Prytania Street
And green it was, near the gutter.
It made the cozy shotgun houses
Surround that gutter.

The houses shrank from it,
their shuttered secrets now exposed.
The toilet, green in that Uptown scene,
was porcelain, not Port-O-Let.

It took dominion of that set.
The toilet was bare and wet.
Uncovered, unlocked, unscrubbed, it sat
Like nothing else on Prytania Street.