{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Allen Tice

has studied physics, math, and a number of old and new languages; he has taught math and college literature.

Among his credits are The New Republic, The London Magazine and Light Quarterly.

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A Gathering with Horace ~ 10 BC

        Look, how over the grape arbors, Augustus, those
cloud heaps float to the world’s edges like woolly fleeces
piled up, airy, indifferent
to poets as to minotaurs.

        Twilight pours from the gold goblet beyond the west,
soft Greek melodies drift under the torches. Ah—
they call: Time for those few words!
Our friends rise to applaud your health.

        Togas talk till your birthday celebration’s done—
Then we’re here, just a bit drunk in the country dark,
numbering stars—as indifferent
to Homer as to ancient seas.