From the Editor’s Desk
  Kate Bernadette Benedict

Freshening the Well

In a previous edition, your editor expressed a promise to “keep the roster fresh,” to welcome new poets to Umbrella and not publish the same authors repeatedly. You’d be surprised how difficult this promise is to keep. Though Umbrella’s editorial tastes are eclectic, we are also a form-friendly journal, and for that reason we wind up tapping a certain well. Without a doubt, some of the best poems that hit our in box happen to be written in form, or are, perhaps, what’s sometimes termed “semi-formal,” with a looser interpretation of form. True for this issue as well, but we are pleased to feature, in our Orsorum section, fourteen poets, only four of whom have appeared in our pages before.

Carmine Street Metrics Redux

The West Chester Poetry Conference runs from June 6th to 9th, and your editor will be co-chairing a panel there, with Quincy R. Lehr, on Umbrella and Carmine Street Metrics. For that reason, our Carmine Street Metrics special feature remains online for a second airing. As noted previously, we trust that the feature provides “a sense of the liveliness, camaraderie, and zeal behind the enterprise” that is Carmine Street Metrics. Happy reading . . . or rereading! 

This Issue’s Art

This issue’s arresting images are by Karen Lee Lewis, a Teaching Artist and Teacher Consultant with the Western New York Writing Project at Canisius College in Buffalo, News York. She is currently the artist/writer-in-residence at The Park School in Buffalo, where she is developing a creative field guide to the 34-acre campus that will feature the writing and art of the students. Karen also teaches creative writing for nonprofit organizations and art galleries throughout Western New York. She is a board member of the Coalition of Arts Providers for Children (CAPC). Her “Picturing Poetry Project,” with Amy Luraschi, was the subject of a documentary film by Jon Hand, which was aired on PBS.

Karen is a fellow of Canada’s Banff Centre’s Wired Writing Studio. Her poetry, short fiction, features and photography have been widely published, recently in Brigid’s Fire, Red River Review, Nomad, Stormy Weather, and The Nature Conversancy’s newsletter Nature. St. Louis’s Architrave Press recently published a broadside of her poem “Submission Guidelines for Spring Residency.” Her full-length poetry collection, What I Would Not Unravel (Writers Den Books) is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. For more information please visit her website.

Great Personal News

Your editor has a new full-length collection out, In Company, all about the world of modern work. If you have a chance, do press the link and read all about it.

Call for Submissions

The next release of Umbrella, Winter 2012-Spring 2013, goes live November 15th. The reading period opens on August 10th and closes October 15th; please check the guidelines after August 10th for more specific information. Tilt-a-Whirl continues to read on an ongoing basis and seeks poems written in repeating forms only. Please read the journal for more information on the type of poems sought. Bumbershoot remains on hiatus—but will return one of these days!

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