A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose

Barbara Lydecker Crane,

of Somerville, MA, has published poems in Measure, America, The Raintown Review, Mezzo Cammin, and Blue Unicorn, among other journals, and in four anthologies.

In 2011 she won First Prize in the Helen Schaible International Sonnet Contest and Honorable Mention in the Foley Poetry Contest.

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Composing a Day

Awaken to an overture of Rossini.
Vocal prowess isn’t a must for singing
in the shower—jump in with Puccini!

Commute in sync with the Grand Canyon Suite.
The open sky and layered earth will shift
beneath a burro’s steady clop of feet.

At lunchtime, stroll Mussorgsky’s vivid art:
hear the looks of Pictures at an Exhibition,
the grander views that promenades impart.

In the golden afternoon, just slip away
and interweave through trees your own Pavane
beneath the spell of Gabriel Fauré.

Your steps will move in stately loops and squares
between the kitchen sink, the stove and table
every evening that Respighi airs.

Let candles dance. In a soft Baroque cantata
voices lull you into sleep. A soundtrack
for your dreams . . . Moonlight Sonata.