A Journal of Poetry and Kindred Prose

Kim Bridgford

is the director of the West Chester University Poetry Center and the West Chester University Poetry Conference, the largest all-poetry writing conference in the United States.

As editor of Mezzo Cammin, she founded The Mezzo Cammin Women Poets Timeline Project, which will eventually be the largest database of women poets in the world.

She is the author of five books of poetry: Undone (David Robert Books); Instead of Maps (David Robert Books); In the Extreme: Sonnets about World Records (Story Line Press), winner of the Donald Justice Prize; Take-Out: Sonnets about Fortune Cookies (David Robert Books); and Hitchcock’s Coffin: Sonnets about Classic Films (David Robert Books).

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Tipping Point, 94 Hamsters LAWRENCE, Mass: A Massachusetts man has turned over 94 hamsters to a local animal shelter, telling officers he was running out of room in his apartment . . .
A Lawrence animal control officer said the man was “overwhelmed.”
—Associated Press

You won’t all fit inside this tidy space,
And so you’ll need to seek out other homes.
You cram the edges, the corridors of place,
And line the cliff-top edges of our dreams.

And was it just that he had had “enough,”
The way that Howard Hughes one day said no
To ice cream flavors he was tired of,
Or was it something primitive, the slow

Dawning that the hamsters, hundredfold,
Might be like Tribbles on the Enterprise,
Or adolescent hormones in disguise?
Was ninety-four the perfect hamster yield

To make him look up from his human lack,
A hundred eighty-eight eyes looking back?