A Journal of poetry and kindred prose

Lana Hechtman Ayers  

has worked as an insurance actuary, a science museum exhibit copywriter, a Social Security Claim Representative, a milieu therapist, a journal editor, and hopes someday to become an astronomer and intra-galactic translator.

Right now, she's a manuscript consultant and a writing workshop leader; she publishes the Concrete Wolf Chapbook Series and runs a submission service for poets. Her chapbook, Love is a Weed, is published by Finishing Line Press.

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After Sex

It's 3AM,
you outside for the last
cigarette before bed,

me along for company,
making breath angels,
you making angels

of smoke and breath both,
yours more

In porchlight
your face is luminous
as if wet.

The sky too cloudy
for stars, I look
up into your eyes,

see a country there
you visit without me,
one that borders

the coal-dark moon
and requires an oath
of silence.