{An Umbrella Special Feature}

Wendy Chin-Tanner

is a poetry editor at The Nervous Breakdown, a staff interviewer at Lantern Review, and a co-founder of a comics and graphic novel publishing company, A Wave Blue World.

Her first collection has been a finalist for several book prizes including the 2010 Washington Prize and the 2011 Hilary Tham Prize.

Her poems have appeared in such journals as The Mays Anthology of Oxford and Cambridge, The Saint Ann’s Review, The Raintown Review, Praxilla, and Melusine.

She lives in New York City and Portland, Oregon with her husband and daughter, and teaches undergraduate sociology online for Cambridge University, UK.

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On the Thamespath

Between brambles and brushwood, meadowsweet
and quaking grass, we are no longer as

we were that winter, breath smoking, trailing
white ghosts under clouds hanging heavy-

bellied with sleet that would fall, then freeze and
thaw later in our sleep. But there in a

brief flood of pale western light, you stopped and
held your hand in mine, standing before the

hours, the days succeeding nights, week upon
week, bending us through the years. The thornbush

in our path has spent its blossom for
berry. And the river beneath its sea

of silent glass seethes in black currents and
eddies. The steady live rush carries on.